1. Electroplating / Electrostatic waste water treatment
Industries like Electroplating / Electrostatic waste water contain heavy metal including chrome, Nickel, Zink, Copper, Aluminum, Iron and Cyanide. These heavy metals and cyanide are very harmful for environment and should be removed from waste water. Parsabfanavaran is expert in design and construction for packages for heavy metal removal from any waste water effluent. Our packages are operated fully automatic and its effluent is approved with environmental standards.
2. Biofilter for odor control of waste water treatment plant
Biofilters are an odor treatment technology that utilizes biological processes as the treatment mechanism. A biofilter is a bed of material with microbial population. As air is passes through the biofilter, the microbes convert odorous gases to carbon dioxide and water. Biofilters are considered to be a “green” approach to odor control. Our Biofilter is made as package and can be located near to odor effluent and needs less space. Parsabfanavaran Biofilter package operated with high efficiency and pH, humidity and level is controlled automatically.
3. Domestic and restaurant waste water treatment packages
We offer packaged solutions for restaurant, domestic and commercial sewage treatment plants. Our sewage treatment packages is constructed in different sizes depending on request and generally divided to four scales as follows:
  1. Small Sewage Treatment Plants (1-20 people)
  2. Medium Sewage Treatment Plants (20-100 people)
  3. Large Sewage Treatment Plants (100-200 people)
  4. Extra Large Sewage Treatment Plants (200+ people)
4. Engineering activities
This company can offer the following activities in biotechnology and environmental technology field:
4-1. Engineering Services:
  1. Scale-up based on laboratory or pilot scale data
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Process design package (PDP) preparation
  4. Process equipment specification and sizing
  5. Basic design
  6. Detail design
  7. Design review
  8. Project manager
  9. Supervision of project
  10. Execution of project
  11. Technology transfer
  12. Process selection consultancy
  13. Technology and licensor selection
  14. Troubleshooting
  15. Waste management
  16. Waste water treatment
  17. HSE management
4-2. Research and Development (R&D) services:
  1. Experiment design in lab scale for obtaining the necessary data for further pilot scale
  2. Pilot scale experiment design to obtain necessary data for scale up
  3. Scale up of the process based on pilot experiments
  4. Development of process technology in lab and pilot scale
  5. Analyzing of existing environmental technology plant (e.g. waste water treatment) to improve yield and decrease operating cost
  6. Waste water treatment pilot trial
4-3. Engineering and construction services:
  1. Construction of reactors and Fermentors
  2. Construction of waste water treatment packages for special usage
  3. Construction of biofilter for odor removal and air pollution control
  4. Project management services
  5. Engineering Procurement and construction (EPC) projects
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